There Is A New Way To Accelerate A.I. Solution Delivery

Hydra is partnering with leading domain experts to transform businesses everywhere using A.I. and machine learning.

We provide technical solution designs, pre-sales support, training, and implementation assistance. You help customers make the next big breakthrough with intelligent solutions.

Customers Are Demanding Smart Solutions

Eighty percent of respondents to a cross-industry, global survey from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services say it is very important to the success of their organization to employ smart automations over the next five years. And, the demand for smart solutions is growing across segments.

Industry leaders such as J.P. Morgan, Geico, and Walmart are investing heavily in A.I.-powered solutions. The rest of the market is following fast. 

Pressure To Deliver Results Fast — Is Increasing

Solution implementors are under increasing pressure to deliver results within tight budgets and timelines. At the same time, the demands for features, user experience, and seamless workflow integrations are growing.

Solution implementors need repeatable and scalable solution patterns and accelerator frameworks. So, that they can deliver high-quality high-value solutions, and deliver business results fast.

There Is A New Way To Accelerate A.I. Solution Delivery

The traditional approach to implementing A.I.-powered solutions require machine learning engineers and developers going through of a series of technical tasks that are both expensive and time consuming. This often results in having to compromise on the solution capabilities at the expense of business results.

The new approach, automates the manual technical work required to build and deploy A.I. models. And, by doing so makes it possible for the domain experts to implement A.I.-powered smart solutions fast without much technical help.

For nearly two decades, I’ve designed and built automation solutions for clients like Toyota Motors, Rogers Telecom, Eaton Vance Management, SAC Capital, Wyeth Pharmaceutical (acq. Pfizer), and New York City Government working with companies like Hitachi Consulting, Accenture and EMC consulting. I learned early on the importance of focusing on business outcomes and avoiding getting caught up in the technical weeds. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do when you are implementing A.I.-powered solutions. We built hydra to solve this problem; Hydra automates the technical work associated with building and deploying A.I. models so you can spend less time on technical work and more time on delivering business results.

Our partner program is designed to help domain experts build and deliver smart solutions using A.I. Through the program we:

  • Collaborate on designing repeatable solution templates, which means you can identify repeatable smart solution opportunities in your segment and generate new revenue.
  • Provide pre-sales go-to-market support, training, and access to demos, presentations and marketing assets, which means you can hit the ground running.
  • Provide tier-1 support when using the hydra platform to implement smart solutions, which means you can deliver business results fast. 

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